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Kingsland Interurban Wreck

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Installed 2019 Indiana Historical Bureau and Wells County Historical Society

ID#: 90.2019.1


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The interurban electric railway system grew in popularity with commuters for its speed and convenience after 1900. However, accidents were common on the large network of interurban track spread across the state. Two cars on the Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction line, busy with passengers traveling to a county fair, collided north of Kingsland on September 21, 1910.

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The larger car failed to pull over at the appointed switch and telescoped the smaller car on a blind curve. Forty-one passengers died, despite the efforts of local residents. The Kingsland wreck led to strengthened safety protocols, such as automated signaling, which caused accidents to decrease. The interurban declined by 1930 with the rise of the automobile.

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