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Snapshot Indiana Program

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    Ever wonder what’s on your property?
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    Your photos help sustain wildlife for future generations.

Curious about capturing photos of wildlife on your property?

What is Snapshot Indiana?

Snapshot Indiana is a volunteer-based trail camera program designed to collect information about a variety of wildlife species on private property in Indiana. Photos collected by volunteers provide insight into trends in wildlife populations.

What does the biologist do with this data?

While trail cameras can’t answer every wildlife question, photos can provide a variety of data for wildlife managers, including reports of animals in new areas or uncommon species for our state such as badger. The primary goal of Snapshot Indiana is to use trail camera photos to look at whether a certain animal’s population is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same. Over the long term, this information helps wildlife managers maintain wildlife populations for future generations.

How can I help?

You can submit a volunteer service project application to host a trail camera provided by the DNR on your property if you:

  • Have permission to access private property at least 10 acres in size.
  • Have no bait or feeders for wildlife near where the camera is to be set.

If selected to participate, you would set a DNR-provided camera in a location of your choice for at least 30 consecutive days during October and November. Preference will be given to previous volunteers. Only DNR-provided cameras may be used, and all photos and videos collected are property of the state. Volunteers will be sent highlight photos from their property after all animals have been identified.

How can I sign up?

Use Division of Fish & Wildlife's CERVIS system to register.

  1.  Create a volunteer profile in CERVIS, if you don’t already have an account.
  2.  Sign into your CERVIS account.
  3.  Find “Submit a Service Project Application” under Service Project Management.
  4.  Select Snapshot Indiana Trail Camera Monitoring 2020.
  5.  In the additional note box, add the county and the number of acres of the property.
  6.  Select “Submit a Service Project Application”.

See details on submitting a service project application.

DNR staff will contact you if you are selected to host a trail camera for 2020.

Questions? Email wildlifeindex@dnr.IN.gov.

Interested in learning about other ways to volunteer with DFW?

Photos of 2019 Snapshot Indiana Program

A deer fawn looks at the camera in Lawrence County. A pair of red foxes in the October leaf fall. A wild turkey rests on a log in Warren County. A pileated woodpecker moves up a tree. A coyote walking through a field. A white-tailed deer buck resting in the woods. A bobcat walks past a broken sycamore tree in Greene County. A fox squirrel leaps toward a tree. A raccoon stands up on it back legs near a small stream in Boone County. Two young white-tailed deer bucks lock horns in a wooded area. A Virginia opossum meanders through some large fallen leaves. A group of bobwhite quail near a waterbody in Pulaski County. A coyote walks across a snow covered fallen log next to a lake. A fox squirrel with its tail flipped over its head moving down a tree. A white-tailed deer doe stands behind a deer fawn with its nose raised in the air in Gibson County.